SueEasy is a website that helps business owners resolve disputes, cost effectively. Founded by the law firm LegalForce RAPC Worldwide P.C. in Mountain View, California that has helped over 100,000 small businesses protect their brands as trademarks for over a decade in business.

You work incredibly hard at running your business. You keep promises and commitments, and hold yourself to a certain standard. You’ve sacrificed countless hours and taken substantial financial risks. Unfortunately, unsavory actors want to steal the good will that you created, and you may find yourself needing to take them to court to stop their illegal activity.

On a list of painful activities, litigation would probably rank somewhere near a root canal. However, like a surgical procedure, litigation is sometimes the unpleasant but necessary final step after all other options have been exhausted.

When used judiciously, a lawsuit can be a powerful force for good, righting a wrong that has been committed against your business.

We offer two fixed fee packages that will help you resolve your business dispute. In both packages, we will conduct a conflict check prior to assisting you.

In the first package for $ + court fees, we will format all the necessary legal Complaint and Summons documents for you based on the facts you provide. We will consult with you on litigation strategy to get your case resolved, guiding you on what court(s) to file in, whether there are alternate dispute resolution options, getting evidence organized, and hiring a process server. If you then decide to proceed, you can then represent yourself in federal court, or with a local counsel that you choose.

In the second package for $ + court fees, we will do everything in the first package but additionally research the facts, write the Complaint for you, and evaluating the best courses of action. We will file the complaint in the court of your choosing, and stand prepared to litigate on your behalf.