Do I have a good case?

You may have a good case if :
  • 01

    You have a registered trademark, patent, or copyright with the USPTO.

  • 02

    You have paid all applicable renewal and government fees to keep your intellectual property rights active.

  • 03

    Another business has intentionally infringed on your intellectual property rights to steal or divert customers away from your business after you secured your intellectual property rights.

  • 04

    You can identify the name, address, and contact information of the defendant that you want to sue. (It is hard to sue companies that you cannot locate).

  • 05

    You have gathered and forensically preserved all emails, documents, and evidence you need to make an allegation of infringement.

If the items above do not apply to you, you should first seek a consultation with an attorney to better determine your rights. SueEasy offers 1 hour consultations with an attorney for $300.00.